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Virtual Etiquette & Expectations for Students

Hello to RAPCS’s Newest Scientists! 

Below you will read the expectations of digital conduct and behavior for all 5th Grade Scientists during Virtual Class Meetings and Activities

  1. Daily attendance and engagement at Morning Meeting!!

Roll Call will be taken during this time period every day and documented in PowerSchool for attendance purposes.

  1. Student Appearance: Students are to be fully and appropriately dressed (no offensive or inappropriate words/symbols/graphics on clothing) whenever they are visible in the Science class video chat or during break-out sessions! 

Helpful Hint: If you find yourself wondering whether or not you are appropriately dressed for class, it may be best to stop second-guessing your outfit and quickly get changed before logging on!

  1. Google Classroom Expectations:
  • Completion of work in a timely manner (submitted by due date/time) and turned in through Google Classroom, NOT email.
  • When engaging in group discussions in shared virtual spaces, please write in full sentences and always communicate using appropriate language, words, and tone.
  1. ZOOM Advisory Sessions: 
  • To get the attention of the class use the raise hand feature and/or type in the chat box if another person is speaking; everyone will get a chance to share!
  • No inappropriate words, phrases, or otherwise potentially harmful speech is to be used during any video sessions at any time (typed or spoken)!‚Äč

RAPCS is a safe space for all of it’s students and any behavior that might cause harm to another student, or the class community as a whole, will not be tolerated. 

  • If the environment a student is in during a live video session is noisy, even when using headphones, they may be asked to remain on mute and communicate through the chat feature so that it does not disrupt or distract the class.