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Vocabulary Unit 4: The Outsiders Chapters 9-12

These words are from chapters 9-12 of “The Outsiders” Click here to practice the words on!

  Word                                       Definition

Affectionately                  Feeling or showing lover for a person

Agony                              Extreme pain

Mortal                            Able to die

Stifled                            Smothered, lack of oxygen

Superiority                     Higher, more important

Clad                               Clothed or covered

Clenched                        Held tightly

Delirious                        Extreme mental confusion

Dumbfounded                Shocked

Stupor                           A dulled sense of feeling

Cocky                            Over confident

Idolized                          The worship intensely

Liable                             Bound by law, responsible

Remark                          To take notice of, to make a comment

Vaguely                          Not clear

Acquitted                       Found not guilty

Corny                             Old-fashioned, silly

Pained                            Hurt or troubled

Vast                                Very large

Veered                           Changed direction