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Vocabulary Unit 2: The Outsiders Chapters 1-4

This unit is made of up words from chapters 1-4 of “The Outsiders. Click here to practice the words on

Word                                                 Definition


Bawled                           To cry very loudly and energetically


Disgraced                       Shame or loss of respect arising from bad behavior


Muttered                        To speak or say something quietly


Reckless                         Lack of thought about danger or other negative outcomes


Unfathomable                 Difficult or impossible to understand


Incredulous                    Unwilling or unable to believe something


Roguishly                      Playfully mischievous


Scatterbrained               Incapable of serious or organized thought


Scowled                         Frowned angrily


Winced                           To move away from, as in pain or from a blow


Aloofness                       Uninvolved or unwilling to be involved; physically distant


Cunning                        Clever in a way that is meant to trick someone


Gallantly                        Bravely in an honorable manner


Ornery                            Uncooperative and irritable


Quivering                       Shaking uncontrollably


Apprehensive                 Worried that something bad will happen


Contemptuously            Expressing a strong dislike or utter lack of respect for someone or something


Defiance                         A refusal to obey something or someone


Reformatory                    An institution for reforming or disciplining young offenders


Unceasingly                    Without stopping; continuing