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Urgent Message!

Posted Date: 07/17/2020

Urgent Message!

Dear RAPCS Family:

The death of George Floyd has shaken our entire country.  The senseless loss of life is always tragic, but the fact that we have seen similar tragedies makes this significantly  more difficult to handle.  I am saddened by these events and am also truly fearful for our children.  I am also very  frustrated.  I am frustrated because all lives are not valued equally.  I am frustrated because the damage occurring in our city’s neighborhoods will end up hurting the people who can least afford to be injured.  I am frustrated because our children deserve better and our nation should be better.

Please know that we can find comfort in knowing that change is coming.  I am convinced that our students can and will be a part of that change.  As parents, educators and leaders we must guide and challenge our children as well as  empower them to make real change.  We can understand their frustration, anger and fear, but we can never allow those feelings  to prevent  them from moving forward.  As adults, we are responsible for setting the example and making sure our children can find security in us, even if they can’t always find it in the world.  As a school community, we can all do better and be part of the change.

I urge each parent and child to be a part of the solution.  Even the smallest actions can make extraordinary  change if we all take part.  There are simple things each of us can do that will help to bring about change.  First, make sure to vote.  Voting is one way to make our voices heard.  Take time to fill out your census to ensure that we are heard and counted.  If you’re going to protest, protest with a mission and a plan.  Also, make sure that we keep talking to our children.  We can’t expect them to change the world if no one is telling them about what exactly needs to be changed.

Finally, please know that we are stronger when we stand together.  I pray each of you remains safe and vigilant.  Not only will we get through this together, we will get stronger together. 



Lawrence Jones


Richard Allen Preparatory Charter School, Inc.