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Mrs. Stanley-Holmes

6th Grade Math 


Please navigate the pages to view all of the daily assignments, quiz dates, and projects.

Class Supplies:

  1. Minimum 4 marble composition notebooks-1 per semester - please no spiral notebooks
  2. Math Folder
  3. Looseleaf (binder filler) Paper
  4. Large Erasers
  5. Wooden Pencils - please no mechanicals
  6. 1 pack post it notes


Eureka Math Homework Helper: For Eureka math lessons 1-29. Helps explain the lessons taught in class.

Students will be creating an interactive notebook for each lesson that is covered in class. The notebook is to be used for classwork review, homework help, and studying.

* Parents please review with your child their interactive math notebook that we have put together in class.

This site will be updated daily. All classwork and homework will be posted.

Please view classwork and homework pages for daily work.


Mrs. Stanley

215-878-1544 xtn# 207


Dorothea Stanley-Holmes

Today's Events

Dorothea Stanley-Homles

Agenda Books

Parents Agenda books are available for sale now. The cost is $5.00. Please have your student purchase their book by no later than Mon.,Sept. 28th

2 Liter Soda Bottles

Students please do not forget to bring in soda bottles for our  experiment on Monday, Sept. 21, 2015.  Thanks

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