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April Newsletter

November Newsletter

Physical Education and Health

Timothy Brady


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April Activities:

We will be playing traditional sports such as football and basketball. We will also be participating in creative and invasion style games to finish the month.


April Incentives:

Students will have the chance to earn the “Wall of Fame” for each of these activities.

When you’ll have health and physical education:

  • 5-1 Mondays and Thursdays

  • 5-2 Tuesdays and Fridays

  • 6-1 Mondays and Thursdays

  • 6-2 Tuesdays and Fridays

  • 7-1 Mondays and Thursdays

  • 7-2 Tuesdays and Fridays

  • 8-1 Mondays and Thursdays

  • 8-2 Tuesdays and Fridays

*Please wear the physical education uniform on only the designated days.



We will not have physical education on days we have the PSSAs. You should still try your best to get 60 minutes of activity. Good luck on your PSSAs. Remember to try your best!


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Mr Brady

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