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8th Grade Homework



Marking Period 3

1)  Visit, click on Teacher Pages > Ms. Henderson

Read the Welcome Letter!

Have a parent or guardian email, with any questions.

2)  Research Journal and/or sketchbook keeping, online or through conversations with others.  Has anyone you have known kept a sketchbook?  Ask at home!  Write down your findings and turn in for a grade!

3)  Use value (one color, of various tints and shades) to decorate one piece of paper.

Value :  an Element of Art that describes the lightness or darkness of a surface or a color.

4) Research optical illusion art.  Select an op artist or work of op art and write one paragraph.

5)Create an original piece of op art.

6)Draw a room of your house in one point perspective.  You may draw an imaginary room, as well.

7)Free Draw! (complete a drawing of your choice)

Marking Period 4

1) Extra Credit ONLY: Create an original mandala, while listening to music. – DUE THE WEEK OF APRIL 23-27

2)Find an artist that shares your ideas or images. • Write down or email the artist’s name and why you chose him/her. • Challenge: Teach me something!!!!  – DUE THE WEEK OF MAY 7 – 11

3) Collect objects and begin the planning of your sculpture.  –  DUE THE WEEK OF MAY 14 – 18

4)Pick a sculpture and write the artist’s name, title, and why you chose it.  Email or bring in to me. – DUE THE WEEK OF MAY 21 – 25

5)Research critiques.  Look them up online, look up videos, look up definitions, check out a museum review, or art critic.  Write about what you find and turn it in for grading. – DUE THE WEEK OF MAY 28 – JUNE 1

6)Complete any missing work before grades close. – DUE THE WEEK OF JUNE 4/8





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