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Sixth Grade

6th Grade - Marking Period 3 Notes

The Seven Elements of Art:

Line - Shape - Color - Value - Form - Space - Texture

Keith Haring – PA born artist who became popular creating art in NYC subways                           and his social activism

                                   - known for using symbols such as the radiant baby

Symbol – a design that represents or stands for something else.

Graffiti – writings or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed on a surface in                 a public space.

Judy Chicago – artist well known for creating the installation “The Dinner                                   Party”

”The Dinner Party” – an art installation using place settings dedicated to                                             famous women in history

Line – (Element of Art) a point moving in space

Value – (Element of Art) the lightness or darkness of tones or colors

Optical Illusion Art (Op Art) – art that deceives the eye/brainby appearing to                                                   be other than it is.



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