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Complete Assignments

*Complete Report the News

*Complete invitation


Report the News

Write 2-3 sentences include images to each slide

Add Transitions, Animation & Video

Slide 1 Title/Topic and your name

Slide 2 Who was involved?

Slide 3 What happened?

Slide 4 Where did happen?

Slide 5 When did it happen?

Slide 6 Why did it happen?


STATE   Add Transitions and Animation 

Slide 1-State Name by your name

Slide 2- insert image of the state map

Slide 3-Insert image state nickname (it may be more than one)

Slide 4-State capitol

Slide 5-State bird

Slide 6-State flag

Slide 7-Population (how many people in the state)

Slide 8- Natural resources  

Slide 9- famous person

Slide 10- License plate




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