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Mr. Brady

Welcome to Mr. Brady’s Wellness webpage!

Goals of wellness class:

  • Help students become physically fit by completing activities to enhance cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility
  • Gives students the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities
  • Promote physical activity outside of the classroom for lifelong wellness
  • Develop and learn healthy behaviors
  • Have fun being active


Character Development

Each week students will have a class focus of a specific behavior to model. Students will practice these behaviors to become more mature and improve vocabulary. The student who exemplifies the particular behavior the best from each class will be awarded the “Character Development Award.” To find out the character development focus of the week and previous award recipients, click on the link that says “Character Development.”



  • Please wear the school physical education uniform to school on appropriate days.
    • School uniform for wellness class includes the blue sweatpants, blue t-shirt, and blue sweatshirt issued by the school. Wellness dress code also includes sneakers of choice.
    • If the student does not wear the wellness dress code, the student will still be required to participate in class.

Mr Brady

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