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For the 2018-2019 school year, the monthly literacy foci will center around metacognitive strategies. Metacognitive strategies are strategies that encourage readers to think about their thinking. These metacognitive strategies are overarching reading strategies; they can be taught in conjunction with or alongside the specific reading and writing skills the literacy instructor is teaching.



Monthly Literacy Focus: Visualizing and Using Your Senses

Reading is so much easier and fun we you engage your five senses! Pay close attention to the words used in a text and you can see the sights, listen to the sounds, smell the aromas, taste the flavors, and feel the sensations described in a book. A mature reader can experience a text like a movie playing in his or her mind’s eye, or even imagine the sensations that would be experinced if the text’s events actual took place in real life. By reading aloud, illustration scenes or predictions, drawing on prior knowledge, and bringing in media to make connections to the story, readers can use all five of their senses to deepen their engagement with a book!

Monthly Literacy Activity: Grade Level Word Games 


Congratulations to last month’s winners of the Welcome to  RAPCS Crossword Puzzle:

Princess Benjamin, Michael Cochran, Mamadou Dosso, Johnny Huang, and Syncere Newsuan 



Monthly Literacy Focus: Activating Prior Knowledge

Understanding what you are reading can sometimes be quite a task! Fortunately, when you think about what you already know about the topic or prime your mind with easily understandable informaton about the topic -like a song or video- comprehension is much easier.

Monthly Literacy Activity: Welcome to RAPCS Crossword Puzzle


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